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Natural Wallpaper Transforms Simple Rooms into Elegant Spaces

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Natural Wallpaper Transforms Simple Rooms into Elegant Spaces

Wallpaper can become your new favorite design material. Hear me out.

Just the very thought of wallpaper to some can bring back bad memories of removing painfully sticky material from their home’s previous owners. Wallpaper doesn’t have to be for grandma’s house either.  Forget everything you know about this formerly offensive alternative because it is back and so much better than ever before.

There are endless styles and ways to use wallpaper.  It’s an instant way to bring personality to any space. With the dimension that wallpaper and coordinating finishes bring, even a small space like a powder room transforms feel elegant. You can bring unexpected textures to your walls with beautiful metallics, simple and symmetrical shapes, or bold florals.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be big and bold, although there are many fun options in this category. Natural materials like grasscloth or grey cork quickly transform any space with a sleek visual impact.

For one client, we highlighted his personal style in a subtle way with gray cork wallpaper in his home office. A simple tip to bring style to any room is to create a focus spot, an area of the room that demands immediate attention as soon as you step in. Our use of grasscloth created a masculine, textured accent wall that draws the eye to the custom built-in unit made of washed walnut and granite countertops. Keeping the office clean and organized was an important goal, and by adding textured wallpaper it gave the room a simplistic and updated look.

There is a lot that I love about natural wallpaper like grasscloth. It’s woven with natural fibers that deliver bold texture, creating instant warmth in a space.

(Source: Magnolia Home)

Don’t be fooled by tempered colors like classic beige and gray, grasscloth is also available in vibrant and dreamy hues. Imagine the dimension and cozy feel you can bring to your home using this stunning material in contemporary colors that transcend time.

(Source: Mcinnis)

For your next home design project, consider shopping around for grasscloth wallpaper in a color that brings serenity to a room.

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