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Are Built-ins the Answer? Yes!

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Are Built-ins the Answer? Yes!

As a designer, I often hear from my clients that they want to bring more organization and style into their living room.

I get asked how to help turn a blank wall into something more stylish and functional. Other times we search for solutions for more kitchen seating and storage.

There are a lot of design questions that stump us when we want to incorporate style, organization, and functionality. My favorite solution is built-ins. They are sophisticated solutions for a dramatic transformation. Built-ins are a big win because they enhance your home’s look and they also maximize the potential for a usable area.

Built-in options are endless; your imagination should have no limits when dreaming up your perfect built-in feature. There are zero rules. Some of my favorites are the kitchen nook, window bench, and home office elements.[/vc_column_text]



Built-in seating is one of my favorite ways to transform the heart of the home. Let’s face it, you and your family spend so much time wrapped around the kitchen island or seated at the counter that a custom built-in kitchen nook can both offer traditional comfort seating or added storage in a banquette seat.  There are countless options to include built-ins into the kitchen, from the dreamy, timeless L-shaped eat-in kitchen island to window seating that brings with it elegant natural light to every meal right in your own home.

Transform a kitchen island into inviting seating for the whole family.


Dining rooms are also perfect spaces to add built-ins. A plain dining room wall can serve as your piece of furniture. The dining room was staged by Home Perfect Design, showcasing the stylish and functional use of built-in display cabinets, wine bar, and custom buffet.

This display cabinet and wine storage in this built-in become the focal point of the room.


What is not to love about a classic window bench? Dress it up with throw pillows and it becomes a comfortable space that’s hard to leave. Have an electrician wire for side reading lights and design drawers below, now that’s a solution.  When I think of window benches, I think of classic, romantic homes where even the smallest detail creates big moments. Seating that frames a window is practical with storage solutions and converts an empty, dull area into what could become your favorite space in the house.

Window cushion seating with bench storage turns a regular wall into multifaceted design and function.


An office away from the “real” office should be anything but sterile. A home office gives the homeowner the creative freedom they may not have at work and should inspire hard work, creativity, and relaxation. For one of my clients, I added a gorgeous, masculine grasscloth wallpaper that draws the eye toward the stunning built-in unit made of washed walnut with granite counter top. This wall of cabinets and file cabinets spanning 15 feet are a simple storage solution for eyesore office equipment or files. Built-in desks are like magic. They transform an existing space into one that suddenly seems to have grown without adding on square footage. One room can instantly become a stunning home office for two with plenty of workspaces, storage, and organization. Make it dual and duplicate the design around a window.

You won't miss an old-fashioned filing cabinet with these built-ins for a luxurious home office.


Built-ins go beyond bookcases and storage, they can be delightful units for our beloved pets, too. I love that this homeowner made sure to incorporate their pets when designing a built-in around the fireplace. This inspirational photo showcases plush seating and velvet tufted backing with a neutral curtain to create a glamorous and functional pet bed and toy storage.  We frequently hear homeowners ask for pet built-ins because they elevate the space in both practical and aesthetically pleasing ways.

Dog beds and toy storage has never looked more lovable. Photo by


Still, among the most convenient built-ins, there remains the bookcase. But now we are seeing the common bookcase get a complete makeover.  The styles are leaning more rustic and modern to include media cabinets or floating shelving.  Gone are the days where we just had a bookcase flanking a fireplace.  Designers are adding them to dining rooms or under a bench; options are reaching beyond their namesake, to not only store books, but to breakthrough with stunning craftsmanship. They become themselves a fabulous decorative element in your home.

With stunning detailed built-ins like these, who even sees the TV?

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